Established in the year 2000, Krazie Needles is a professional tattoo studio located in Harlesden. We use our many, many years of combined tattooing experience to provide clients with our very best work and to provide the help that they may need, regardless if it's help on designs or on the actual tattoo procedure. We offer a wide collection of designs that people are able to choose from, as well as being able to work on designs that have been brought in or sketching up completely new ones.

Here at Krazie Needles we all work hard, and we like to say you don't just come in for a tattoo; you come in for an experience.

Legal age

Many people younger than the age of 18 are always coming into our studio asking for tattoos and we always have to turn them away. This is because by UK law it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18. At Krazie Needles we take underage tattooing very seriously; if we think you are under the age of 18 we will ask for some ID (Passport, Driving licence etc.), failing to produce some, we will turn you away until you are of age or can produce some ID. If you would like more information check out this legislation page referring to the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969.


Getting a new tattoo involves breaking the skin's surface so there is always a potential risk of infection to occur afterwards. Your tattoo should be treated as a wound initially and it is important that this advice is followed, so that the risk of infection can be minimised. Please read our full aftercare guide.