Hello and welcome to Krazie Needles' website!

Krazie Needles is a professional Harlesden based tattoo studio. We are here to provide our very best work and help you as much as possible. We can do tattoos from the wide collection of designs we have or any other designs that you bring in or can be designed in house for your own unique tattoo.

Important notice!
Stacy now, as some as you know, only works Saturdays.
Matt now only works on Monday, Tuesday and wednesdays.
Thank you.

Legal Notice

By law, you must be 18 or older to enter the shop. We cannot, under any circumstances tattoo anyone under 18, regardless if you have parental permission. If you look young, we will ask you for identification. They must be an up-to-date version with a clear photo and a date of birth, examples of these are; Passports or a driving license.


Getting a new tattoo involves breaking the skin's surface so there is always a potential risk of infection to occur afterwards. Your tattoo should be treated as a wound initially and it is important that this advice is followed, so that the risk of infection can be minimized. Please read our aftercare guide.


Please take note that Stacy now only works on Saturdays, so if you wish to book an appointmet with her; please contact her personally through Facebook, or come in and chat with us